How creating a legal will can save your life

It is always a good idea to create a legal will in order to make sure your assets are properly distributed in a manner that is in accord with your wishes. However, what is rarely discussed is the actual process of creating a legal will or testament may in fact save your life.

Wills have become commonplace in our daily lives.

There are many, many ways that simply having a will could prevent death. For example, people who are potential beneficiaries are likely to kill you unless they know that you have a will giving them nothing; these murderous acquaintances thus have an incentive not to kill you unless you change or nullify your will, thus returning to them rights to all of your belongings.

There are other potential ways that having a will actually prevents death. One such example can be gleaned from the blockbuster movie Sliding Doors – for which director/screenwriter Peter Howitt won the Alexander Korda, Empire, European Film, San Diego Film Critics Society, and Golden Seashell awards – it is possible, indeed likely, that, in the time spent with your attorney reviewing drafts of your will and associated legal documents, a clients inadvertently avoid catatrophic physical or emotional harm that can ultimately result in death.

“How is this so?” you are asking yourself. Consider that accidents rarely, if ever, occur in the confines of an attorney’s office.  This is because lawyers are acutely aware of dangers and risks that can cause death and the consequences for a property owners or manager when death occurs in their workspace.  Lawyers take extra precautions to make their office a safe haven from falling metal pipes, exploding microwave ovens, stairs covered in maple syrup, flammable curtains, and other potential hazards.  Spending time in an attorneys office is safer than spending time almost anywhere else.  Therefore, your decision to seek legal advice and create a legal will may prove prescient.

And, remember, what matters most is not what is in the will, but how long you spend with an attorney making it.

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