InstaClassAction(TM): New class action iPhone application released

Nowadays, it seems there is an iPhone application for everything. Most serve useful purposes, whether it’s showcasing the day’s news headlines or tomorrow’s weather forecast.  But as many such programs have came into being during the recent iPhone-app explosion, they pale in number compared to the glut of frivolous lawsuits paraded before our courts each day. Now, just a single new iPhone app could spur an even greater surge of work for the litigation-minded.

The InstaClassAction app eliminates unnecessary litigation paperwork.

Marrying the interests of iPhone users and those of class-action lawyers, the recently released InstaClassAction(TM) touts itself as the world’s first phone application that enables litigation to go “viral.” With just the simple touch to an icon on their iPhone screen, users can, automatically and instantly, join almost any class-action lawsuit in the nation. Potential plaintiffs choose from one of three categories of class-action lawsuits: active, pending, or “dream,” a category comprised of class-action ideas that have been uploaded by other users.

After category selection, the program then utilizes GPS technology to detect the geographic location of the phone and runs that data through its “Jurisdictionalizer,” a feature that instantly determines the jurisdiction from which it is legal for the user to sue. Limited by jurisdiction and the selected type of class-action, InstaClassAction sorts alphabetically the lawsuits that are open to join.  At no point does the program ask whether there was any harm actually suffered by the claimant.

InstaClassAction is the brainchild of Herbert Mackleroyan, a practicing class-action attorney, who explained that “recovery awards secured on behalf of InstaClassAction claimants are given industry standard 25 percent of the overall recovery, with 75 percent of the remaining fee going to attorney of record.  So, everyone wins.” At the time of this article’s publication, InstaClassAction claimed nearly 550,000 active users who have signed up for class-action lawsuits involving everything from fallen stock prices to vicious name-calling.

“Someone needs to shut this thing down right away,” stated a visibly nervous Kyle Proderman, chairman and CEO of Dippin’ Dots, Inc. “Just yesterday, some jokester uploaded a lawsuit against us for ‘ice-cream headache.’ As of today, we’re being sued by 39,260 people.”

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