BARBRI To Offer Bar Review Lecture Videos in 3D

CHICAGO (LFA) — Staying a step ahead in the increasingly competitive market for bar-review services, BARBRI announced today that its new video bar-review lectures will utilize 3D technology.


“BAR/BRI has always combined legal education with a touch of entertainment,” said the company’s CEO, Jacob Bruck. “With new eye-popping 3d technology, professors will literally step off the television screen to talk at length about the minutiae of state statutes.”

With the aid of special viewing glasses, students will experience lectures in which both the teacher and podium appear to have depth. Those who have participated in trial runs reported that the experience was remarkably lifelike.

“It felt like I was really listening to a live lecture in person,” said Kyle Meckle, a third-year student at Washington Law. “As a result, I retained much more of the information that the teacher discussed.”

Others agreed that the experience was unlike any other bar-review classes.

“I felt like I could reach out and touch the professor’s face!” said Wendy Trupp, a recent graduate of Fordham Law. “Then, I looked down at my notepad, and the notes I was taking were also in 3D!

BARBRI has invested much in the project and is spending freely to hype the courses, which will be ready for the February 2011 bar exams. James Cameron, an Oscar winner, has been hired to direct the first video, a two-hour lecture on trusts and wills.

“The professor is a real-live person, of course,” explained Cameron. “But the chalkboard he uses is a completely digital creation.”

The company has pioneered many innovative bar-review techniques and methods in the past. While most have been successful, there have been a few notable missteps, including the recent Auto-Tune Statutes feature, in which recitations of state legal codes replaced lyrics to popular songs after being ran through a phase vocoder. The new videos are not even the first time BARBRI has experimented with 3D technology: Study materials printed as Magic Eye autostereogram images proved an embarrassing flop in the mid-90s.

However, 3D bar-review videos at least have BARBRI’s competition worried: Kaplan announced that it, too, was working to integrate the technology, while MicroMash instead announced its own upcoming, revolutionary bar-review video product: MicroMash Imax.

“We are constantly looking for ways to give our students the competitive edge,” Bruck said. “Whether it’s wordplay games to help retention, utilizing the most distinguished legal professors in the country, or, now, integrating our materials with the hottest Hollywood technology, Barbri is committed to continuously improving all aspects of our bar-review course that have nothing to do with the actual information to be covered on the exam.”

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